My Elementary School Playground


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    they all look like rainbows

  2. Wow i like the effects of these pics! i take loads and would love to mess with them but never know what software to use . . and photoshop is like over 300 quid!! Mizzle x

  3. Very nice blog, just stumbled across it. You have a unique eye. Just flipping here there is a lot of good stuff that is outside the box. Kudos for not being another hipster photo blog.

    following now.

  4. Eric R7:45 PM

    I absolutely *love* these photos. You do have a wonderful eye for this. I would follow if I had an acoount here.

  5. your pictures make common things look so damn beautiful.

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  7. The place looks haunted.

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  10. Beautiful pictures. May I post one on my blog?

  11. Great comments on here. I appreciate it.

  12. interesting photos, thanks for sharing them.

  13. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Looks horror movie worthy.

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  15. WOW! Your pictures are great. How do you do it?

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