Urban Oasis


  1. you went for the lesser evil

  2. The lot of Wal-Mart is never empty.
    The desolate, abandoned, desperate, fluorescent look never applies.
    Just cliche nauseating.
    Anyway.... Evil? You think providing good quality american made items at a reasonable rate is evil? You think providing thousands of jobs all across this great nation is evil? You think little souxie's mommy could afford to buy her (souxie's) little gymboree shoes in a market not saturated with 100 versions of the same things all in competion for little souxies mommy's hard earned waitstaff pay check? You think the right of every individual and/or group of individuals to use the souxie's mommys of the world, to raise themselves to thier highest potential, is evil?
    We are fighting a war, we are killing and being killed, we are changing the world....
    Would we do that for something that is evil?
    I'll tell you where Osama and Saddam and those other little bitch terrorists don't shop..Fucking shop-ko, fucking wal-mart, fucking k-mart all located in the mother fucking U S of A, thats where.
    And if you dont shop these fine establishments, these beacons of light in the night, these giant power sucking, gluttonous, spewers of freedom, along with every other god fearing, good hearted communist hating American ....
    well then my friend a.. you support terrorism, you are a Terrorist.
    Enough said.

  3. haha

    capitalism is definately a system that appears to work the best for achieving the transport of goods.

    and i don't think idiots will ever stop wanting things.

    most of the problems with the system won't ever get solved and will be problems with any system.

    so yeah we have to take it in the butt for the team dawg.

  4. is anyone else thirsty for a root beer?

  5. blah blah blah-- you two and your use of words-- I get it- you're both smart-- and fans of terrorism and communists!

  6. Yes..I would like a root beer. Thanks Dan.
    Has anybody seen my jacket?
    The one with the plastic explosive lining.
    I think I wore it to a peace rally last week.