Absolute location.

No matter where you go, there you are.

Never Permanent


  1. whats going on in the last pic

  2. Windy, snowy
    I opened my eyes and almost had my retinas tore off.
    Its a pretty cool photo enlarged, which it wont do for some reason.

  3. I like the top two photos together with the bottom one placed upside-down.

    Welcome back to the US; enjoy the sex and drugs!

    What were you doing in China anyhows?

  4. Hey thanks Mandy. The sex and drugs are better here. That could just be because the instructions are in English.
    I was teaching at a little country school. Eating strange meats and being confused. It was pretty badass. I met a turkish man who went to school in Oakland CA...Berkley. He said his best memory of Oakland is some dude running down the street naked at like 2 in the afternoon pushing people and trying to scare them into giving up thier wallets. Then he got hit by a car...there was more to the story..that was in the 80's though. Hope you dont see that on a regular basis. Unless you want to. I guess it might be kind of cool a few times.

  5. youre right about that last photo too. I cant believe I missed that.

  6. i'm traveling back to la crosse for the summer, then the lady an i are coming back to NM in the fall.